Michigan State Medical Society Building

People: Minoru Yamasaki

Date: 1959

City: East Lansing

Michigan State Historic Preservation Office

The Michigan State Medical Society Building was designed by world-renowned architect Minoru Yamasaki and his firm Yamasaki and Associates of Troy, Michigan, and is an early example of his work in the New Formalism method of design. It is located at the northwest corner of Saginaw Street and Abbott Road, within the city limits of East Lansing, Michigan. The neighborhood is urban/suburban in nature, with intense nearby development dating from the mid and late twentieth century. The original structure was completed in 1961 and together with the site purchase and landscaping cost a total of $750,000. The building footprint measures 155 feet in length by 55 feet in width. At two stories in height, the most prominent feature of this structure is the thirty-one semi-cylindrical cast-concrete arch sections that create a vaulted roofline. Tall, slender concrete columns support this vaulted roof and are set between large glass windows, which create a glass wall on the primary and rear facades. The two-story Cyrus M. Stockwell Wing, which forms an ell off the west end of the Yamasaki-designed building's west end, was built in 1979.