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Welcome to the Michigan Modern real estate page. Here you will find Modernist properties for sale throughout Michigan. Please be aware that this resource is strictly for informational purposes only, and should not be viewed as an endorsement of the subject property or the listing agency. You should also be aware that this is not a complete listing of all Modernist homes/buildings for sale in Michigan. Nor should it be viewed as wholly accurate, since listings and sales take place without the knowledge of the State Historic Preservation Office. However, it is our goal to be as accurate and complete as is possible.

While it is important to note that additions to this list are made at the sole discretion of the State Historic Preservation Office, we would like to know when Mid-Century Modern properties are listed for sale. If you know of a property for sale, please complete this form and we will consider adding it to this list.

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Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright
City: Galesburg
Year Built: 1951/1953
Date Added: 9/25/2023
4875 Crystal Drive Beulah
Architect: Robert C. Metcalf
City: Beulah
Year Built: 1989
Date Added: 8/15/2023
Architect: Norman Carver
City: Kalamazoo
Year Built: 1959
Date Added: 8/03/2023
Architect: Robert Diebboll
City: Washington
Year Built: 1954
Date Added: 6/12/2023
Architect: Unknown
City: Bloomfield Hills
Year Built: 1968
Date Added: 6/09/2023
Architect: John Chipman Sr.
City: Richland
Year Built: 1956
Date Added: 6/09/2023
Architect: Unknown
City: Huntington Woods
Year Built: 1954
Date Added: 6/09/2023
Architect: Unknown
City: Alma
Year Built: 1963
Date Added: 6/09/2023

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Michigan Modern in Print

“The book demonstrates how Michigan’s industries, educational institutions, and businesses employed the most innovative architects and designers of the day, who in turn lured the best and brightest to come and work with them. In this way, Modernism and Michigan were inextricably tied.” — Architectural Record

The Great Lakes State has always been known for its contributions to twentieth-century manufacturing, but it’s only beginning to receive wide attention for its contributions to Modern design and architecture.