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Manson-Jackson & Kane

Design Profession: Firm

Building Types: Civic, Commercial, Educational, Residential

The Lansing, Michigan, firm of Manson, Jackson & Kane, Inc. began as a sole practice founded in 1941 by Elmer J. Manson.  In 1948, Manson was joined by William W. Carver, who was previously working in Montana.  The firm was renamed Manson Carver Associates.  The Manson and Carver partnership ended in 1959, and Manson was then joined by two new partners: Edward Jackson, who had joined the firm in 1950, William J. H. Kane, and Dixon S. Wilson, who had initially joined the firm in 1954, but left in 1960 to establish his own firm.  By 1965 the Manson-Jackson & Kane had designed more than one hundred educational, commercial, and residential buildings in mid-Michigan, primarily in the Lansing metropolitan region.

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